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Miricam Setup Instructions

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    November 3, 2018 11:54 PM EDT

    Please note that updated instructions can also be found by logging in to your Miricam account at



    Miricam Setup Instructions

    Setting up Miricam on your website is easy and should take only a few minutes. If you have any problems or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!


    Miricam should run on just about any web server running Windows and most flavours of Linux. You will need to have FTP or SFTP access to your web server in order to install Miricam.

    Getting Help

    If you need assistance please Contact us. We will install Miricam for you for free.

    Download Miricam

    If you have not downloaded Miricam yet, Click the Download link in the top menu of this page. Miricam is approximately 3 megabytes in size and should take only a few seconds to download.

    Quick Setup

      1. Unzip A folder called "miricam" will be created containing the files.
      2. Open the file called config.xml with any simple file editor such as notepad, and replace the contents of these 4 lines
      3. Create a directory called miricam on your web server where you would like to run Miricam from. If you will use Miricam in your members area, install it in your members directory.INSERT_YOUR_SERVER_URL_HERE INSERT_YOUR_UNIQUE_ID_HERE INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE INSERT_YOUR_UNIQUE_ID_HEREWith the configuration information sent to you when you created your miricam account. The new lines should look similar to this:https://www.YourWebsite/miricam/ tg76fg30c YourUsername tg76fg30cIMPORTANT: The serverUrl contents must exactly match the URL you will run Miricam from. Do not forget the trailing / at the end of the URL.


    1. Save the file.
    2. Copy all of the files of the miricam folder from your computer to the miricam directory on your server.

    Miricam is now installed and ready for use!

    Your URL's

    • Customer Chat: /miricam/index.html
    • Broadcast URL: /miricam/performer-login.html.

    Add a link that is easy for your customers to find to the customer chat URL. You do not need to link to your broadcast URL but you will want to bookmark it to make it easy to find.

    Quick Broadcast Test

    • With your browser, go to your performer login URL at miricam/performer-login.html. (Bookmark it for easy access later)
    • Login with the username and password
    • Click on BROADCAST NOW, and click ALLOW when prompted for camera and mic access. You should now be able to see your video. If so, You are now broadcasting live video and audio on your website.


    Quick User Test

    Contact a friend of trusted user and invite them to click the CHAT WITH ME link you installed above to enter your chat room with you. Once logged-in, your friend should be able to see and hear you, and communicate with you by typing messages in the chatbox.



    • SALES: This area shows you all of the sales you have made today. It includes the client username, date & time, the amount of his purchase and your commission. The total commission is paid to you each week.
    • USAGE: This area shows you how your customers have spent their money with you as "events". It shows the date and time of each event, along with their value.



    • TIME LIMITS: Set the time limits you would like to have for each private chat session. For example, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes etc
    • PRICES Set how much you want to charge for each show type. For example, $100.00 for 20 minutes, $190.00 for 40 minutes, etc.

    Your client's account will be debited per minute based on the values you set above. important: Your private chat does not end automatically when his balance reaches zero. Instead, ending a chat session remains where it belongs, in your control. THis gives you the opportunity to extend your performance if you want to, or invite your client to add more funds to his account to continue.


    Customizing your chat room

    Upload your Logo (Easy)

    The Miricam Logo is a file called mLogo.png, and is located in the /miricam/images directory. Go ahead and make your own logo, and copy it to the same location. We suggest that the size of the logo be approximately 120 pixels wide by 45 pixels high.

    Changing the colors (Advanced)

    To change the color scheme of your chat room, use any HTML editor you like and edit the file /assets/style.css. In here you will find various color settings for text, background and other colors.

    Changing the layout (advanced)

    To change the layout of your chat room, use any HTML edit you like and edit the file called chatroom.html.

    Please note that we cannot provide support and show you how to edit HTML code.

    We ask that you please keep a link to us at and on your page. The more clients we get like you, the better easier it will be to improve our products for you in the future.

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